Can we be friends after dating

Along these lines, some exes may stay friends because they hope to rekindle the relationship, essentially creating a cycle of breakups and initiations known as “on-again/off-again” relationships.

This shouldn’t be too surprising – happier relationships set the foundation for a potentially happy post-dissolution friendship.

)—reache­­d out a few months ago to reestablish a much-missed friendship. W., a therapist who works with couples, tells SELF. Unsurprisingly, one of the major advantages has to do with sex.“In a scenario where romantic love isn’t brought into the bedroom, there can be the possibility to explore more," Matt Lundquist, L. Who cares if they think your latest sex fantasy is weird? W., a therapist specializing in dating and sexuality, tells SELF.

Then things got physical, and apparently The Ex and I aren't alone.“Young adults have friends with benefits increasingly because they’re not interested in any type of commitment,” Laurie Sloane, L. “But at the same time, people want to be connected to another person in some limited way.”Bingo. Removing commitment from the equation can add an element of liberation in the bedroom and beyond.“People can learn a lot from playing house,” Brenda Lewis, L. “You practice with a safe person, and then you can hopefully put on your training wheels and go out into the real world.”Luckily in today’s modern era of dating, there's no shortage of potential sex partners.

) Sinatra, who never backed away from melancholy (at least in his music), understood a thing or two about mourning. Trying to be friends immediately following a breakup tends to prevent the rejected partner (and maybe both partners) from mourning the death of romantic love—from accepting its finality by suffering it all the way through.

As painful as this can be, it ultimately performs an essential function.

I’m sleeping with a person whose company I actually enjoy—I want his pillow talk as much as his foreplay.

Frank Sinatra gave it a permanent place in popular culture with the song "Can't We Be Friends?

" (This is how the story ends / She's gonna turn me down and say / Can't we be just friends?

“Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action.

Take action and your feelings will change.” ~Barbara Baron Paul and I had been acquaintances for eight years.

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