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In hahalruna runes, the number of diagonal strokes on the left side of the vertical stem denotes the ættir, whilst the number of diagonal strokes on the right side of the vertical stem denotes the rune within the ættir.

Thus the hahalruna rune which looks like rune ᛏ [U 16CF] denotes the first rune in the first ættir (i.e. The prevalence of vertical and diagonal strokes, and the absence of horizontal strokes suggests that runes were originally devised specifically for carving on wood (with the grain running horizontally).

Flowers are abundant, and of course, each village has its own cathedral dating back hundreds of years.

In these communities, many of the early congregation had themselves buried within the church and you cannot avoid walking over the myriad tombstones set flush into the floor of these churches.

As the Runic script spread, it became adapted and modified for use with the particular Germanic language of its users, and so a number of distinct Runic traditions developed, with varying numbers of letters, as few as sixteen or as many as thirty-four.

Four main runic traditions can be adduced : In addition to ordinary runes, cryptic runes known as Hahalruna runes may be found, for example on the Hackness Cross in England.

Going back to the 1500’s, they are an interesting glimpse at history.

One thing that puzzled me, however, was that strange symbols are inscribed, mostly on the grave markers, but sometimes appearing seemingly randomly, placed in the stone floors.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on downloading and installing the Runic Keyboard Layouts. The Runic script is commonly known as the Fuþark or Fuþorc after the first six letters of the script.Derolez presents a thorough study of runic traces from manuscripts, with a noted interest for English runes.His conclusion is: "On the Continent we have an actual break in the runic tradition.Due to a change in the sound value of the rune Ansuz of the Elder Germanic Futhark, (called 'Os' in the English one), and because Anglo-Saxon does not use the symbol 'k', it is usual to change the name Futhark to Futhorc when dealing with the English runic alphabet.There are so many Futhorcs and runic alphabets (in the alphabets, the order of the letters is the one of the Latin alphabet, no longer the one of the Futhark) that it is impossible to report all of them.

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