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Your sweetheart is trying to fix or deal with is something else. It’s not helpful to make judgmental statements about her body, appearance, or eating habits — at all.It could be anxiety, depression, or just the suffering and ennui that is part of life. You’re not going to know, and odds are, she won’t either. It’s best if you just don’t make any comments about her appearance at all, even to say, “You’re beautiful.” (She hears: “I’m fat.”) Don’t say anything at all about how much or how little she eats. Compliment her on her intelligence, her humor, or something else that has any eating disorder, you ask? As it happens, starving yourself and / or bingeing and purging can play havoc with the body’s hormones.Long before this happens, a hungry person experiences mood and behavioral changes, most of which are destructive to a relationship.

Someone who ate six hundred calories all day before going out gets wasted on one cocktail. I understood all those things intellectually the way a drug addict understands intellectually that drugs are bad for you. So yeah, I sometimes found myself wanting to punch my boyfriend for insisting I taste-test his homemade spaghetti sauce with a piece of bread five times over the course of the afternoon, thereby wasting all my dinner calories before dinner ever started. And — she’s fucking cold, you moron, she doesn’t have any body fat. It’s kind of hard to override your body’s survival instincts.The site's publisher, Daryush Valizadeh, who goes by Roosh V (pictured below), has defended the piece.He recently published a response on Return of Kings, writing "I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in it that endorses eating disorders or slanders those who have them."Roosh V gained notoriety in his own right in 2007 when he became a popular voice among the pickup-artist crowd.We can talk later about what it means that you’re attracted to a girl who has some body image or eating disorder issues*.For now, we need to get our heads around this disease, so we can be of maximum possible help to our sweetheart.(*It turns out that a of women have eating disorder and body image issues these days.

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