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This is a concrete tool that can be used both at the beginning of the year and throughout your roommate relationship to set guidelines that will work for you and your roommate(s).In using this tool, you will be able to easily state your needs and wants with regard to your living situation and your roommate(s) will be able to so as well.Instead, I took comfort in the fact that I couldn’t possibly have made their first impression of me any worse.It would’ve taken immense skill to escalate the situation further.I don’t go out to bars or to pick up women every week but I’m not a hermit either.

I’m sure I have other I’m thinking about moving in with roommates to live in a neighborhood that I really like (that is much more sociable), be closer to friends and get used to living with other people again.I was hopeful it was not skill even I could possibly posses. For some reason it seems easier to convince people you’re not a crazy bitch if you’ve already shown yourself to be one.I probably should’ve messaged them again sooner but three weeks allowed me to gather the strength to reintroduce myself properly.I’ve picked up bad habits, such as being really irritated when women or friends sleep over and they make noise.I realize it’s normal on their part but I’m just so used to quiet and me being the only one to make noise.

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But then a few days went by and I heard nothing from them. My determination to forge a good relationship with my roommates probably led to my panic and ultimately, my downfall. But I didn’t let that stop me from pressing “send.” I figured, worst case scenario, I would get some amusement out of it and my roommates will think I’m crazy. My first roommate did courageously respond with a polite request to take the loft bed. As I should’ve anticipated, either the joke went over their heads, or they didn’t particularly appreciate it. Those three weeks were the most wonderfully tranquil I experienced in the months leading up to the big move to Los Angeles.

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