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All Tamagotchi Devices are capable of connecting with each other; however, a character from a newer Version will show on an older version as the mystery character known as Nazotchi.

The Tamagotchi Connection v2 introduces "Gotchi Points", an in-game currency used to buy shop items.

Each time an exhibition Website & e-mail are available, we provide the links to them.

We have worked hard to offer up to date and accurate information.Tamagotchi Plus aka Famitama in Japan) is the sixth model in the line of Tamagotchi connection virtual pets.The Japanese edition was released on November 23, 2007, and globally as the V5 Familitchi in January 2008.Also, more games are unlocked as the Tamagotchi ages.It has 6 stages of life: Aside from different games, The Tamagotchi Connection v3 makes few changes in comparison to the v2 Like the v2, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it has access to, and there are still 6 stages of life.

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