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it was a very hard decision process with over 90 people who applied.It saddens me that nearly 10 entries were thrown out cause people didn't submit a sell sheet or couldn't follow directions.

Statistically, people in Generation X hold the highest education levels of any age group, according to the U. A study called, "Economic Mobility: Is the American Dream Alive and Well?If we want food, we have it delivered with the click of a few buttons or we walk a block or two and grab dinner.If we are bored, we have endless distractions in the form of phone apps.Tinder is spreading like wildfire, facilitating more than 26 million matches and 1.4 billion swipes per day.The swiping model it pioneered is now used in apps for everything from job hunting to shoe shopping and “swipe right” is easily recognizable slang among millennials.

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