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Even by the not-so-great standards that soaps are measured, has always been firmly towards the bottom of the ladder.The fictional Chester suburb where the majority of inhabitants are extraordinarily good looking but also extraordinarily stupid has been identified by its often wildly outlandish storylines and impossibly pretty people.It’s not unfair to say that horror movies have a tendency to fill their casts with actors that are easy on the eye.Jonathan Glendening’s werewolf-in-a-remote-country-house movie is a very by the numbers offering, in which Atkinson stars as the promiscuous best friend of the heroine alongside Draco Malfoy and that guy who played the son in They’re chased around dark corridors and ripped to pieces by something that’s largely unseen and has the vision of a person holding a red filter over a lens.Jamie Clayton, a trans actress who appears in Netflix series Sense8, was among those to criticise the film Clayton tweeted: “I really hope you choose to do some actual good for the trans community one day.” Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, who is an exec producer on the project, previously defended it from criticism. Hollyoaks teens Jason and Holly quickly became a couple on the soap, but it wasn't long before romantic feelings started to develop in their own personal lives.

However, this didn't stop the loved up couple becoming an item, making one of the most gorgeous couples around!

primary cast has been predominantly made up of younger actors.

It might not be too much of a surprise, then, that a number of them have found their way into the horror genre since leaving the show.

They were recently asked whether things would get awkward for the couple as bosses threw Holly and Robbie together.

Amanda said "Not at all - I think just because it's so far from reality.

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It would be strange if relationships weren’t happening.”[Photo: Wenn]He added to the Leicester Mercury newspaper, "We all respect our jobs, and I know I love and respect mine.“You carry on with what you do, regardless of what’s happened in your personal life. It’s all fine.”The Freddie Roscoe actor dated Stephanie, who played his on-screen wife Sinead O’Connor, in 2014.

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