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After some chit-chat, she invites them to take a ride in her new Mustang, which she seems a bit uncomfortable driving (it's stick).That is, until she takes the car into an open parking lot and shows them what turn out to be some mad driving skills worthy of an action film. The expressions on the men's faces are priceless -- a perfect Valentine's Day treat, if you ask us.Dans un café de Dallas, un groupe d'hommes a été invité à faire du speed dating avec Prestin Persson, une pilote et cascadeuse professionnelle, qui jouait le rôle d'une maitresse d'école.La belle belle blonde va proposer aux hommes de faire un tour à bord de sa voiture, une Ford Mustang de 2015.It was indeed her that showed them 'what this thing can do'.

Ford created a hilarious video that's going viral to advertise its new 2015 Mustang, just in time for Valentine's Day.The video begins with an attractive blonde woman meeting several blind dates that she takes on a ride in her bright red Mustang.At first, she acts like she is having trouble driving the manual transmission car, pretending to not know when to shift the car's gears.According to Car and Driver Magazine, she's a stunt driver, rally racer, drifter, and an instructor at Willow Springs Raceway. But none of the men were aware of the cameras, which made for some truly hilarious reactions.While some of the men took the unexpected, autocross-like driving exhibition in stride, others didn't handle it so well. Another guy just sat silently with a look of anguish on his face.

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