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The pint-sized femcee appears on the season finale of ‘Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry,’ which airs in full tomorrow. While doing so, he was asked about his issues with Trey Songz, something we also asked him, but I guess at that point he was sick and tired of talking about it.The boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, Nick Gordon, is now a free man after his new girlfriend had him arrested for reportedly beating her to an oblivion on June 9, 2017. READ MORE Okay family, before we dig into this story, we’d like to state that here, at ILove Old School Music, we do not care if a person -celebs included- is gay, straight, bi-sexual, or try-sexual (not really sure what ? Kelly found himself at the center of controversy following a string of allegations about him keeping women as “sex slaves.” For those who missed it, family members of the alleged victims claim ?

”Alsina: “So you just go against the grain, and go against everything that I just…I just told y’all not to ask me that s**t when I got up in here.”Chante: “Fair enough. And you’ve spoken to–Alsina: “Testimony coming out, baby. If you don’t want to answer that’s fine.”Alsina: “I won’t.”Chante: “All right, we move on.”After that, Chante was quite peeved by being cursed at on live television, as anyone would be. But former “Let me go on record and say Keshia Chante did her job as a journalist.In response, just say, “no comment,” and better yet, have your publicist send a memo in advance so things like this don’t happen.I agree that this new generation of young people can be too comfortable talking to people any kind of way these days, and it’s quite ridiculous, especially when you’re talking crazy on live television. Check out the awkward clip below and share your thoughts.// Fam5On Ng?In a panic, Lisa Raye flew back home to Turks & Caicos Islands last weekend in hopes of doing some damage control (as any jump off who’s “grown accustomed to the lifestyle – the gifts, the cars,” would do).But once there she learned Misick had already put his plans into action to separate her from his paper by barring her from their home.

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