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Therefore, there must be an explanation for their wide use and popularity other than, "Hey, let's check the mix on crappy speakers." I would argue that perhaps Auratones have been such a staple monitoring tool has a revealing and unforgiving midrange.

I'd been shopping for some "mix check" speakers for some time and was just about to buy a pair of clones, when I got the news that Auratone was manufacturing again.

In addition to Wi-Fi, this speaker also supports Bluetooth® and Air Play®, allowing for greater wireless connection flexibility.

to the product Novation Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer 2 Oscillators with individual control of sync and tuning parameters, Filter can be used as high, low or bandpass filters with 12 or 24 d B, Three distortion modes, Monophone and paraphone modes with individual glide control,...They enjoyed a huge production run, for good reason.Manufacture of the NS-1000M continued unchanged until around 1984.My pair has matched serial numbers in the 60,000 range but I’ve seen them with six-digit serial numbers.They were widely reviewed at the time and adopted as just as widely.

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