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Comfortable in a I am a serious, confident, calm, purposeful, persistent, smart, responsible, honest, modest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, reserved, communicative, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, romantic, considered, responsible man who also considers other peoples feelings. I'm a 41 year old, Black American, professional pilot.

I'm married, but often travel alone, including trips outside of work, and have dreamed of visiting Romania.

A staff writer with the Inquirer since 1988, Jensen covered college basketball and football beats for 15 years, wrote about soccer from 10 countries on five continents, and was assigned to the Kentucky Derby the year of Smarty Jones.

This is a story about the work and sacrifices involved in being a pro.

“My work has always been: I’m going to run through a wall to get what I want,” Lucas said as she warmed up for a 90-minute physical therapy session Tuesday by riding 20 minutes on a stationary bicycle.

Now, the 25-year-old must take time to examine the wall. She’d already been to a gym in Havertown, did some cardio work, some upper-body strength work.

Locating weakness in this particular basketball player would be a chore.

The words, however, speak to Lucas again, preparing now for her second ACL surgery in 14 months, same right knee. All the hours that got you to the WNBA — the pre-dawn shooting in an empty gym before classes at Germantown Academy, the ballhandling drills that turned your Narberth basement into a personal Palestra — you can’t envision they also lead here, just off the lobby of the Curtis Building, Seventh and Walnut, your sweat no longer about a dream but the reality of being an injured professional.

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