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Since the i Mac G3 can still boot Mac OSes 8 and 9, I mostly use the machine to indulge a nostalgia for childhood schooldays spent poking at the operating system and playing Escape Velocity.But before I got around to that, I decided to try out the software that the previous owner had left on the machine.Hi all, I'm new here and I'm fairly new to Macs, so I apologize for any things I might not say or do correctly in advance!I also apologize for asking you all this newbie tech support question haha.I just saw the flashing question mark/face folder icon The Rhapsody partition is no longer showing up. When I got to the installation process & was selecting the Rhapsody disk, it said something like "Previous Selected Install Partition".

So one useful way of dealing with all the standards and labels is simply to ignore them!

It shows the partition as this: I don't think it will carry that old server and I'm betting it's a firmware thing.

BUT..can always "acquire" 10.4/3/2/1 server and install it on there.

Throughout the entire process, I have not removed the Mac OS X Server Install Disc.

Since the "Rhapsody" partition won't mount anymore, I booted into Fire Wire Disk mode & connected my i Mac to my Mac Book Pro & opened Disk Utility.

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