Who is santana dating on glee

Rachel heard everything and runs as fast as possible to the choir room, Puck follows Rachel and sits down in the front row.'' Do you guys know, who Santana is dating?'' Rachel asks as she sits down on the piano, '' No is she dating someone?July 2014: This is seriously a chaotic month for the cast.After a lot of rumors about Naya’s future on the show, it was reported that she would appear in the sixth season but in a “reduced capacity.” Naya also reportedly asked to be downgraded from a series regular to a “recurring guest star.”October 2015: In an interview with star Mark Salling is arrested for possession of child pornography, according to TMZ.has introduced plenty of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters.Raising awareness about the issues of bullying and creating a greater understanding are central tenets of the show.When Puck and Will sing "Over The Rainbow", they link pinkies and laugh together and Brittany lays her head on Santana's shoulder when Will sings.

Au cinéma, elle se distingue dans des rôles secondaires dans Blind Dating et Mémoires de nos pères, puis commence à obtenir des rôles de premier plan avec Big Movie, parodie de films, Paul Blart : Super Vigile et Max la Menace : Bruce et Lloyd se déchaînent (spin-off de Max la Menace sorti directement en DVD), où elle retrouve Masi Oka après Heroes.

Santana is dating Puck's best friend and teammate Brett Pierce.

Brett is the biggest badass of the school together with Santana and Puck, but nobody from school knows that they are friends.

The glee club tries to figure out who Santana is dating, Santana and Puck don't tell them anything.

But as Brett Pierce walks into the choir room to take Santana on a date the whole glee club sits there in shock, Puck tells them that they started dating two years ago and Brett and San are in love with each other. Brettanafluff Summary sucks I wrote this one on a request I hope you like it :]Santana Lopez and Noah Puckerman walk inside the school as Sam Evans stops them, Sam looks at Santana with a small shy smile. '' No sorry Evans I have a boyfriend, Sam nods his head and turns around with his head down.

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